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Snook Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

Snook Fishing Charters

Bonita Springs Snook Fishing Charters
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Snook Fishing Charters in and near Bonita Springs Florida

Snook Fishing Charters in Bonita Springs

The tell-tale long black stripe of a snook is what makes all fisherman grab their pole. Unfortunately, because of overfishing years ago there are very strict rules about keeping these delicious fish. When we get a really cold winter in Southwest Florida these fish can die, as their body just shuts down. 11 changes were made to the snook rule between 1985 and 2007. Nowadays, the rules are one fish per person per day between 28 and 33 inches for Southwest Florida. Season is closed December through February and May through August.

What do Snook look like?

Snook are a silvery green fish with yellow fins and a black lateral strip that runs from behind it’s gills to the end of the tail.

What other fish are related to Snooks?

They're called linesiders, soap fish and robalo but no relation to other fish

How big do Snook get?

Up to 48” and 50 lbs.

What is the world record for Snook?

44 lbs., 11 oz. caught in Florida

What are the best times to catch Snooks?

Their feeding habits, is greatly dictated by the phases of the moon. Periods of the dark moon and the full moon, with their coinciding strong tides, definitely affect fishing. Snook love Southwest Florida for their warm waters so anytime the water is over 72 degrees you will find them.

Where are the best places to catch Snook?

The snook's comfort range is between 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything outside that range and the fish become sluggish and inactive. They look for warmer areas like flats and shallower waters.

What are the best ways to catch Snooks?

We fish for them from one hour before high tide through the first three hours of the falling tide. Snook do not have teeth but do have a sharp gill plate you have to watch out for.

What are the best baits for Snooks

Live pinfish, grunts, sardines, threadfins and other large baits

What other types of fish am I likely to catch?

If you are fishing for Snooks then you are also likely to catch anything else around that is feeding.

Are Snooks good to eat?

The best when you can actually take them which is a 2 different time between December and August and they have to be in between 28-33 inches.

What is the best way to cook a Snook?

Take the skin off, as it has a strange “soap like” taste. But keep it simple, as the true taste is what sets it apart; sear it in a pan or broil it with garlic and butter. I like to grill the whole fish on the grill, but some of my buddies like them blackened.

Snook Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

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Bonita Springs Snook Fishing Charters
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