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Red Drum Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

Red Drum Fishing Charters

Bonita Springs Red Drum Fishing Charters
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Red Drum Fishing Charters in and near Bonita Springs Florida

Red Drum Fishing Charters in Bonita Springs

Redfish are extremely popular Florida game fish due to its ability to fight for extended periods of time and to its popularity as a food fish. Like the black drum, drum make a noise in the same way as croakers do—they contract a muscle connected to their air bladder, which makes a drumming noise. We enjoy fishing for them for their ability to fight for a long time.

What do Red Drum look like?

Red Drum, also known as a redfish is a dark red fish that fades from red on its back down to white on its belly. One of the red’s defining characteristics is the spotted tail. This can range from a single black spot on one side to many spots on both, but always located toward the back of the fish

What other fish are related to Red Drums?

Redfish are in the drum family or Sciaenidae. This makes them related to about 260 other species of drums.

How big do Red Drum get?

We will find them about 10-40 lbs.

What is the world record for Red Drum?

The current world record is out of North Carolina from 1983 and weighed in at 94 lbs. This is why we fish for these giant reds! The current state record for Florida is 52 lbs., caught near Cocoa Beach.

What other fish are similar to Red Drum?

Black drum is similar.

What are the best times to catch Red Drums?

Early morning and evening produce the feeding for reds, but you can catch them all day and all year round. Spawn times are their feeding frenzy and you’re are almost certain to see some tailing.

Where are the best places to catch Red Drum?

They are known to hand around in the shallows and flats. Oyster beds, reefs, grass flats. You can find this fish anywhere there are feeding opportunities. They also roam the beaches for schooling bait.

What are the best ways to catch Red Drums?

Fishing in the shallows with live bait such as shrimp or whitebait will definitely put you on some reds. But cut bait will work as well.

What are the best baits for Red Drums

Live shrimp, crab, cut bait and plastics

What other types of fish am I likely to catch?

If you are fishing for red drums, then you are also likely to catch black drum

Are Red Drums good to eat?

Very good, with a mild, sweet flavor

What is the best way to cook a Red Drum?

Anyway is good, baked, broiled, grilled or sautéed. Stay away from frying since it is so mild and you won’t taste its flavor.

Red Drum Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

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Bonita Springs Red Drum Fishing Charters
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