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Permit Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

Permit Fishing Charters

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Permit Fishing Charters in and near Bonita Springs Florida

Permit Fishing Charters in Bonita Springs

Pound for pound their fight is as good as it gets. Saltwater anglers are well aware of the Permit’s mythical status, as well as its reputation for being the most difficult of the Big Three, which includes bonefish and tarpon, to catch.

What do Permit look like?

Permit are a very large stocky fish that is wide but short. They are a smooth silver fish with a yellow belly, blunt nose and small mouth for their size.

What other fish are related to Permits?

The permits and pompano are part of the Jack Family

How big do Permit get?

The can grow upwards of 3ft. in length and up to about 30lbs. The have extremely large lives living more than 25 years.

What is the world record for Permit?

The world record permit was caught in brazil and weighed 60lbs. The Florida State record was caught in Ft. Lauderdale and weighed 56 lbs.

What other fish are similar to Permit?

They look a bit like the pompano. Both pompano and permit have distinctive plates at the back of the mouth that help them crush the hard-shelled crustaceans and mollusks they eat.

What are the best times to catch Permits?

The best time of year is Spring with prespawning, then the Fall months.

Where are the best places to catch Permit?

They are coastal fish and are generally found in schools along sandy beaches, around inlets, and in brackish bays and estuaries, where they inhabit oyster bars and seagrass beds

What are the best ways to catch Permits?

Catching permit on the flats is world class as you stalk them through the shallows. This fish is a brute and very strong fighter. On light tackle the permit will give you a run for your money. In South Florida you’ll find them roaming off reefs and wrecks. The best Permit fishing is to stalk them by sight on shallow flats, and cast directly to them.

What are the best baits for Permits

Live bait, crab

What other types of fish am I likely to catch?

If you are fishing for Permits, then you are also likely to catch The Florida Pompano and the African Pompano

Are Permits good to eat?

These tasty fish can be confused with the taste of Pompano

What is the best way to cook a Permit?

The permit fish is best eaten when it is on the small side; larger ones should be released. You can expect firm, fleshy white fillets from these tasty fish – just perfect for the grill!

Permit Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

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