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Cobia Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

Cobia Fishing Charters

Bonita Springs Cobia Fishing Charters
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Cobia Fishing Charters in and near Bonita Springs Florida

Cobia Fishing Charters in Bonita Springs

These fish love the structures and they can be nosy so they will come close to the boat but unless you have live bait they turn up their noses! Researchers have found that when investigating the stomach of dead cobias, they found that 78% of their diet is swimming crab.

What do Cobia look like?

Cobia have a long elongated fusiform body with a broad, flat head with 6-9 sharp spines in front of their first dorsal fin. They have small scales but are a very smooth fish. They have small eyes and a big under bite. They are greyish/brown in color with a white belly.

What other fish are related to Cobias?

They are also known as Lemon Fish

How big do Cobia get?

An average usually caught is 20-40 lbs. but they get up to 135 lbs.

What is the world record for Cobia?

The world record cobia was caught in Australia and weighed in at 135 lbs. but the biggest cobia was speared by a 3-spear fisherman in Brazil and that one was 172 lbs.

What other fish are similar to Cobia?

The only representative of the Rachycentrida family

What are the best times to catch Cobias?

Cobia are found around warm temperate waters. They migrate so their numbers will vary with the seasons. They inhabit the warm tropical waters in the winter and move to more temperate waters in the spring, summer and fall

Where are the best places to catch Cobia?

Cobia can be found from the inshore shallow all the way out into the deep offshore. They are often found around structures like markers and reefs but are caught wandering the surface all the way down to the deeper waters.

What are the best ways to catch Cobias?

Trolling or bottom fishing from a boat, bridge or pier.

What are the best baits for Cobias

Pinfish, whitebait, mullet

What other types of fish am I likely to catch?

If you are fishing for cobia then you are also likely to catch rays, as they like to hang out with these guys.

Are Cobias good to eat?

Great to eat.

What is the best way to cook a Cobia?

We eat them smoked, fried or sautéed. Any way you can think to cook it, do it!

Cobia Fishing Charters Bonita Springs FL

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